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Allied Lockers Now Distributors For Digilock


Allied Workspace is pleased to announce that it has signed a distribution agreement with Digilock for the Irish Market.

Founded in 1981, Digilock has grown into a global leader in security by innovating locking solutions with a precision focus on the people who use them. The comopany’s focus on security, style and performance is unmatched by any other product on the market.

Digilock’s family of brands includes Digilock Electronic Lock Systems, LockUp and NEXT Turnkey Locker Solutions, Celare Lockers for health & fitness and Numeris Funiture Lock Systems.

The Digilock suite of products feature high quality electronic locks activated by a 4 digit combination code or by utilizing the latest RFID technology. Digilock brings high-end refinement and elegance to whatever location they are situated, whilst retaining a simplistic approach to installation and operation.

A Diglock in its solid steel housing is a beautiful piece of engineering in its own right, but there is no sacrifice in its functionality and they are surprisingly cost effective . Digilock has been especially developed to be intuitive, making them very easy to use for first time users.

Key based locker systems are beset with constant key management problems, Digilock immediately solves the problems of lost keys and gives back administrators valuable lost time providing a long term cost effective solution to locker management. With Digilock, 4 digit codes or RFID cards are used instead of keys. If a code is forgotten or a card lost then the facilities manager simply uses a master bypass key to open the lock.

The DK and DR series- Digilock can be specified for ‘Shared Use ‘operation. The Shared Use operation allows a client to input a 4 digit code for access to the locker, after the client has finished with the locker, the lock resets and is ready for the next users 4 digit code.

Digilock’s ‘Shared Use’ operated lockers are not only useful for gyms where many different clients may use a single locker in one day but they allow lockers to be shared by workmates, by different work-shifts for example. Of course, if a locker is shared a smaller amount of lockers are required and limited space is best utilized. In order to help with a locker being ‘taken over’ by one person the Digilock can be programmed to open automatically at a later time.

Other features include:

  • Tamper Guard
  • Usage Indicator
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Programmable LED
  • Programmable Auto- Unlock

Visit DIGILOCK Product Page >>

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